Supervision of Service Techs

Have you ever wished you had someone who could handle the supervision of service techs who come to work on your business site? Consider it done with Accusweep & Landscape, Inc.’s services.

We will be there when you need us to provide a high-level of supervision to service techs who are scheduled to work at your business location, so you can continue running your business as usual. We understand that you can’t afford to stop everything to provide the supervision necessary, but with our affordable services you can entrust the job to us.

We’ve been managing professionals and service techs for over 20 years, and know what it takes to provide thorough supervision to get the job done right the first time. We don’t believe in cutting corners, and we possess the fine art of good people skills to work well with technicians from any industry to maintain a positive working environment for all parties involved.

We’ll work closely with you to provide the level of supervision you desire and will do exactly what you ask of us to ensure your business receives the service it requires in a timely fashion.

With this service, it’s almost like you are able to clone yourself. What business owner doesn’t wish for this kind of professional service?

Contact us today to arrange for supervision of service techs when you need it.


Our company has used Accusweep as a preferred vendor for years. Their sweeping services are top notch. And their property management capabilities are endless. When our representatives cannot be on-site to handle a situation, we turn to Accusweep.

Their staff is quick to respond to calls, and we know they will get every job done.

- Katie McGhee, Meyers Brothers Properties, LLC

By: Fran McCaskill