Professional Pressure Washing Services Take Clean to a New Level for Your Business

Is your business dirty? Dust, debris, trash and bird droppings do a number on business buildings. Windows get cloudy and the building gets dingy in appearance overtime. It’s nothing you’ve done wrong; it’s just nature. Just like your car needs a run through the car wash from time to time, your business needs a good pressure washing, and Accusweep & Landscape, Inc. is the right team to provide this service.

We offer property cleaning from the top of your building to the bottom and all surrounding buildings and areas you think need some attention. Utilizing a high-powered pressure washer and the latest in safe and effective cleaning solutions we can take your business from dirty to pristine in no time.

You let us know what area needs the pressure washing. We can do just windows or an entire facility. We even pressure wash parking lots, sidewalks and other areas around your business, such as half-walls, signs and walkways.

There’s no reason to have a dirty business when you can call on the Accusweep team; we will put our pressure washing to work right away. Call us after a storm or a windy season or before a special event to get your building in top-notch condition, promoting a positive image to prospects and customers.

We offer affordable pressure washing services to meet your unique business needs and budget. Contact us today to learn how we can make your business like new again.


The services offered by the staff of Accusweep & Landscape, Incorporated have enabled us to ensure a clean and FOD free pavement for our tenants and visitors at the Jim Hamilton – LB Owens Airport (CUB). With the intense heat and sun in the Columbia area, even new asphalt pavement is subject to oxidation and the resulting grit which can accumulate. Sweeping services have addressed this problem effectively.

Before regular sweeping from Accusweep, propellers were subject to significant wear from asphalt pavement grit.

After institution of an aggressive anti-FOD program (which includes regular sweeping of our apron, taxilanes, and airside vehicle roads by Accusweep), propeller wear is visibly reduced.

Responsive, flexible, reliable, reasonably priced, and a quality job every time from a staff who is experienced in the airport environment. I recommend them highly!

- Christopher S. Eversmann, PE , Airport Director
Airport Director

By: Fran McCaskill