Professional Parking Lot Sweeping Services Clean-Up Your Business Image

Did you know customer’s care about the condition of your parking lot? If you are interested in keeping current customers satisfied and attracting new ones, use Accusweep and Landscape, Inc.’s lot sweeping services to achieve a clean parking lot of which you can be proud.

In a competitive market, your customers may simply choose one of your competitors if your lot is a mess. There’s no reason to lose valuable customers when you can obtain the lot sweeping services that will give you a leg-up on the competition.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been the experts on parking lot care and maintenance. Our team members know what it takes to keep your lot looking pristine and customer-ready at all times.

As a business owner or property manager, you want to avoid a junky looking lot at all costs. With commercial lot sweeping services, you can focus on other necessary business tasks, while we take care of the parking lot for you.

We’ll ensure your parking lot is free of debris, dirt, leaves and loose gravel. We bring in the serious equipment and a professional team of sweepers to get the job done right with blowers and specialized sweep machines as well as hand-picking up debris when necessary. No piece of trash or debris will be left to take-away from your parking lot appearance.

If you are ready to clean-up your parking lot and keeping it looking tidy for good, contact us today about our lot sweeping services.


Our company has used Accusweep as a preferred vendor for years. Their sweeping services are top notch. And their property management capabilities are endless. When our representatives cannot be on-site to handle a situation, we turn to Accusweep.

Their staff is quick to respond to calls, and we know they will get every job done.

- Katie McGhee, Meyers Brothers Properties, LLC

By: Fran McCaskill