Lot Painting & Sealcoating Services Beautify and Protect Parking Lots

In your quest for a professional-looking parking lot, you will want to utilize attentive lot painting and sealcoating services. Accusweep and Landscape, Inc. goes to work for you to handle all areas in your parking lot that can benefit from fresh paint and sealcoating.

Your asphalt parking lot is a huge investment and it pays to keep it looking and performing well for months and years to come with qualified painting and sealcoating services.

While new paint adds brightness and eye-appeal to your lot, sealcoating of the asphalt surface will preserve the new appearance and protect against the damage traffic and weather can cause. The sealcoating creates a smooth, polished appearance that will provide a positive impression to new customers visiting your business. If you take such great care in your parking lot, customers can know you will go the extra mile to meet their needs.

From fire lanes and speed humps to parking lines and custom numbering, Accusweep’s lot painting & sealcoating services can meet your unique parking lot needs, so you can feel proud about your lot and confident in the business image you are promoting to others.

Contact us today to find out how we can make the most of your parking lot area with lot painting and sealcoating.


Our company has used Accusweep as a preferred vendor for years. Their sweeping services are top notch. And their property management capabilities are endless. When our representatives cannot be on-site to handle a situation, we turn to Accusweep.

Their staff is quick to respond to calls, and we know they will get every job done.

- Katie McGhee, Meyers Brothers Properties, LLC

By: Fran McCaskill