Choose the Right Team to Meet Commercial Landscaping Fertilization Needs

Not every landscape business truly understands the ins and outs of commercial landscaping and fertilization. At Accusweep and Landscape, Inc., we have the training and experience to ensure fertilization is applied expertly to promote a beautiful business property.

Fertilization is truly a science, and we know that the process requires the right timing and fertilizer types, which vary from shrub to shrub and grass to grass and location to location. We carefully create a customized fertilization plan for your commercial landscape based upon analysis of your property’s soil, plants you are using, and local ordinances. It’s our goal to achieve a healthy, flourishing lawn you can be proud of, while doing our part to protect the environment.

Our fertilization and pesticide services guard your business lawn from insect and disease damage. Once we’ve applied the correct fertilizer pesticide treatment, we also provide continual monitoring to determine if additional treatments are necessary to keep your trees, shrubs and lawn looking beautiful.

Because we work to both prevent the problems and treat current issues, our professional pest and fertilizer services cover the bases to keep your commercial landscape at an optimal condition.

Contact us today to learn how you can obtain a soil analysis and get started on a fertilization program to create a healthy foundation for your commercial landscaping.


The services offered by the staff of Accusweep & Landscape, Incorporated have enabled us to ensure a clean and FOD free pavement for our tenants and visitors at the Jim Hamilton – LB Owens Airport (CUB). With the intense heat and sun in the Columbia area, even new asphalt pavement is subject to oxidation and the resulting grit which can accumulate. Sweeping services have addressed this problem effectively.

Before regular sweeping from Accusweep, propellers were subject to significant wear from asphalt pavement grit.

After institution of an aggressive anti-FOD program (which includes regular sweeping of our apron, taxilanes, and airside vehicle roads by Accusweep), propeller wear is visibly reduced.

Responsive, flexible, reliable, reasonably priced, and a quality job every time from a staff who is experienced in the airport environment. I recommend them highly!

- Christopher S. Eversmann, PE , Airport Director
Airport Director

By: Fran McCaskill