Asphalt Paving Repairs Keep Your Parking Lot in the Best Condition Possible

While asphalt is known as a durable surface for parking lots, it still requires paving repair and maintenance to keep it both functional and attractive. Being out in the wide-open, asphalt is vulnerable to extreme weather conditions as well as a continual stream of traffic, which inevitably causes damage over time. Without proper asphalt paving repairs, a parking lot can quickly develop problematic cracks and breaks in the asphalt that can be a major draw-back for customers and visitors to your business.

At Accusweep and Landscape, Inc., we understand the unique needs of asphalt parking lots, and know that the best time to handle asphalt paving repairs is when the damage is still minimal. Catching the problems early can prevent more expensive asphalt paving repairs in the future.

The worst case scenario for neglected asphalt paving is a parking lot that requires a new overlay to maintain functionality. Don’t let it get that far and choose to have Accusweep’s professional team on your side to nip small asphalt paving repairs in the bud.

From removal and replacement of current asphalt to resurfacing and patching, Accusweep will carefully analyze your parking lot to determine the best course of action for your unique situation.

No asphalt paving repair project is too big or too small for our team. Contact us today to obtain an analysis of your parking lot. Then we can develop a course of action for regular parking lot maintenance and asphalt paving repairs to meet your needs.


During my nine years as Plant Operations Supervisor with the Charleston County School District, I have worked with Accusweep & Landscape, Inc. We have worked together on basic grounds services to all district facilities and Sertoma Football Classic for several years. Accusweep also provides all football/soccer striping for all schools and they have always delivered quality work and met all deadlines. Being in the customer service business myself, I value a company that has a passion for success and provides great service.

I have enjoyed working with David McCaskell and his staff; they have always conducted themselves in a n honest, professional manner. I highly recommend Accusweep & Landscape, Inc. to other school districts or businesses that are seeking an established, reputable firm to provide a quality landscaping and athletic field striping program.

- Dennis Burgess, Charleston County School District

By: Fran McCaskill